The Level 60 roulette of FFXIV

Level 60 roulette as Ast, get Alwaysreap. Tank and Ninja are new, but we clear everything up until the last boss just fine with me having to hold back my DPS a bit due to the tank’s gear level (with mine being 208).

Now, I had assumed that the tank had had basic knowledge of the dungeon, as he rushed in to every boss battle without asking or waiting for information, so I thought the last boss would be a cakewalk as well. The tank managed to fall off to the first knockback, so I of course had to play tank for the rest of the battle. No big deal, 2 DPS still standing. Then the other DPS, a Summoner, falls off to the second knockback. Oh boy. Starting to get a little worried, as the Ninja was basically just geared enough for the dungeon and I didn’t know if our combined DPS could take out the boss before my MP went dry.

But we did it, and I of course had to summarize with “stronk independent healer needs no tank”. Everyone cheered and the tank apologized for being a newb. I told him not to worry, it happens and this was by far the most fun I’ve had in the game lately. Commended the tank for his nice attitude and I myself got all comms, which was a nice bonus.

I didn’t mean that they are a bad combo in general. I agree with you, I love WHM’s. The only reason I said the combo was bad in this case is because we had 2 support DPS and his holy’ing meant I had to use flash instead of hitting them. Holy is great, but I think in this case, we were losing DPS overall. One of those, you hit everything, but nothing is dying scenarios. I’m still taking damage from all of them and it benefits me more if it’s going to drag on to get one down at a time.

But my usual WHM healer’s don’t use Holy as much, and if they do, they do so more subtly. I don’t think this one was popping shroud for whatever reason. Because he was ahead of both DPS and I was WAY ahead of both of FFXIV Power leveling. He was always on the cusp of taking from me. He was better geared, but I was still ilvl 190. He was not a full 210 either. Probably around 205ish. And I do use Hallowed Ground as more than a panic button, but I don’t use it if it’s simply not needed. If I know rampart and foresight are gonna get me through the mob(s), I won’t waste Hallowed Ground simply because you never know when you will need it. I’ll especially try to hold off before a boss fight. I’ve saved a few wipes with Hallowed Ground and Clemency to finish off a boss when healer dies. Doesn’t always work, but when it does \*0*/

But yea, guess this was my first time getting an extremely aggressive healer, WHM to be exact here. Like I said, the style isn’t what upset me, it was more so his attitude. But anywho, thanks for the knowledge on WHM to those who responded. Always like to improve and if I see that play style again, I hope to be able to cope with it better.


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