BNS: Simple Ticket Explaining

I made a very simple ticket explaining that the dragon pouches Blade-Soul received are not usable and nothing in the game eludes to them being unusable to those last 3 rows. I asked if I could possibly be refunded the Ncoin, or if I could at least move them to another account to give them purpose. Within 2 days I got all of them refunded without a single issue.

Did I complain after 2 hours? No, I GAVE THEM A CHANCE. You on the other hand, are ready to burn the world down.

The ticket is still open, stop being melodramatic. Like seriously are you in tears right now? I understand your initial frustration but you have not even given them a chance to do the proper research to find out why you had the problem in the first place. I’d be incredibly surprised/disappointed if they don’t lock the name for you, and I’m almost certain they will, that or at least refund the name change thing to you.

What do you mean they aren’t doing jack shit? They didn’t answer your inquiry in a day so now you’re just the step child? And why the fuck did you open another ticket when I know for a fact you can reopen/recomment a closed ticket IF the issue is not resolved. Especially within a fucking week. If the ticket closes with no resolution THEN I’d expect this thread, but you haven’t even gone through the bureaucratic system yet, in fact you’re halfway in and crying fowl.

I mean I know your profile says irish but jesus christ do you guys speak english over there or am I missing something? Please highlight where the tickets contradict each other? Highlight the fib, because as far as I can see both tickets say 24 hours, the first one saying you need to set an alarm for it. (Go use Bnstree clock). The second guy is now looking into WHY the 24 hours didn’t unlock your name, or if it did why you weren’t able to grab it. THAT’S CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR YA.

What relevant certifications or experience do you have with customer service? Because I have a certification in business management with the help of Blade And Soul Power leveling, which I believe will give me more credit than you on how these situations should be handled. You didn’t get an instant solution, you are panicking and acting irrational because of it.

Glad you clarified the record since you can’t articulate the problem, like, at all. Huh, I wonder why my experiences with customer support have been vastly different? Maybe patience, maybe I don’t outright demand solutions because I’m an entitled customer? Maybe you should take the hint.

Yeah, well, guess what princess, they can’t do that. The ticket is open, in the companies eyes that’s a ‘given’ since it’s not fucking closed.

You don’t want bad information, yet demand immediate information. Your name should have been available to you, they don’t know why, they are doing research, hence the ticket being open. You are throwing a temper tantrum because you don’t have someone on the other line going ‘were looking into it” every 2 minutes to reassure your significance in the fucking universe.

Yeah and I’ve heard just as worse horror stories there, including my friends account being outright banned and refused to be acknowledged, and even abused by the support. So much so, the person handling his ticket was fired. Took him months to resolve an issue that any other competent person who wasn’t racist against mexicans could have seen based on the first correspondence.

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