Are they even banning gold buyers in BNS

I have someone in my guild (will not name, but have reported)
who has been buying gold from gold sellers (he/she said they did)
and yet they have not been banned.

I know a lot of people do it, but come on why hasn’t anyone been banned……

Gold buying is not as serious as bots/hacking I know it’s just annoying to me….
Heck I know people who have been banned for using a ping reducer…

I guess it annoys me just because it keeps the gold sellers in the game since they are getting funded.

Because the world doesn’t have magic and things don’t go poof just because we wish it.

These are technicalities. They need to go through logs, and you’re no the only one reporting bots.

I could log in your server and report you. Let’s say you replied to a bot by mistake and they ban you, would you like cheap Blade & Soul Items? Let’s say they see that you’ve had conversations with the person that bought gold from gold seller and I reported you, imagine if they ban yo u, would you like that?

Reporting a person for replying to a bot wouldn’t get them banned, NCsoft would check gold/trade/AH sales logs and would unlikely go off chat unless it was a report for abuse(Especially since the bots are Automated and wouldn’t reply and it’s all done externally through website/IM.)

They wouldn’t ban someone for talking to another player who bought gold either, they’d most likely investigate the person who made the claims if anything.

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