Level up weapon or charachter in Blade & Soul

I play alone, and I’ve level all alone until lv 33. and now I have some doubt.
I upgrade weapon and accessories few times, so that at this level I have:
Awakened Blight Gauntlet lv 5
Awakened Hongmoon Ring lv 5
Hongmoon Earring lv 10
Awakened Blight Necklace lv 10

I don’t know if I’m doing right…but I don’t know if I have to: continue the quests and level up until 45? Or, try to farm ingredients for upgrade weapon and accessories?
I’m encountering a bit of difficulty to farm the Corrupted Gauntlet…that’s why I have this doubt.
Sorry for my bad English and thanks in advance for the answers

Answer 1: You can stop on weapon just before Awakened Infernal weapon (Tomb of Exile weapon). Reasoning is the critical rate buff it gives. Hold off until you have the gold for moonwater trans stones for BNS Gold. Awakened Infernal isn’t bad, you just lose that 10% crit buff which helps at low lvls. Worry about ring the most. Use all fodder you get into ring and save all green jewels for upgrading weapon until you get to Pirate stage later on.

As for KFM in arena. I really urge you to level up. You unlock key skills at 34, 36 and 45. To me kfm is lame until later levels and then becomes really fun. Moar skillpoints! Block a lot and hope the FM stuns themselves I guess. Also don’t worry to much about your gold income. Once you hit Hog Town area you will be getting 2 silver + for quest rewards (around 39-41). Then you can buy all the accessory breakthrough items needed for jewelry then.

Answer 2: The Tomb of Exiles is one of three big dungeons that become available once you’ve competed the Cinderlands. You complete the Cinderlands around level 37. Every time you run that dungeon with the help of Blade And Soul Power leveling, you get completely showered in items that will do wonders for upgrading your items and they cost very little money to use. You won’t have any trouble playing the game with your current gear, not will you have trouble doing the Tomb of Exiles with your current gear. That’s why I think you should simply continue playing and postpone upgrading until you have that treasure chest called the Tomb of Exiles at your disposal.

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