Fighting Poh or Gramps in Blade & Soul

I’ve been having similar issues too, but only when I’m fighting Poh or Gramps with lots of people near me. Usually in the faction area I do okay but after 2-3 years of playing I’ve never had terrible spikes like this and I’ve only been upgrading my pc since. I knew there was a problem when I turned all graphics to minimum, put on optimize for combat and turned off other characters(ctrl+f) and was still being frozen for up for 10 seconds. I can usually run near high and only sometimes turn off other characters. I’m going to give this a shot later, I hope this works!

Alt-Tab out of the game, right click on the task bar and choose ‘start task manager’ then over to the performance tab…

There is also a ‘resource monitor’ selection at the bottom which shows how much memory (‘Memory’ tab) the individual program gobbles up.

The program is initiated by window’s task scheduler; it runs briefly (For like, 5 seconds, then it goes dormant again once it cleans your memory and will repeat the same process in 15 min again). You can set window’s task scheduler to run it more frequently or less frequently, too.

Im currently playing on my laptop and so far the game run smooth without having big fps drops to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. Its i5-3210M, nvidia gt650m, but the ddr5 version 4gbs of ram and im running it on full hd all set on 2 and view distance maxed out i get 30fps all the time and in party it goes to 25, but not lower may be sometimes to 20, but its stable. i will give it a try and wil write if it works.

This will not help the regular 15-30fps that you get when doing blackwyrm or anything with alot of people. This is for those experiencing MASSIVE fps drops. Literally 2fps and about 4-5seconds of complete screen freezes. 15-30fps is playable. What i was experiencing before this hotfix was unplayable.

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