Unplayable Content in Blade & Soul

No end in sight to complete screen freezes on all 24man dungeons, Wyrm and Ogres. Each patch it gets worse, from the second the fight begins, to the second the boss dies, my screen is frozen 95% of the time. If im lucky ill get a few bomb throws in, but never enough to get credit for the quests.

I know its only a small fraction who is experiencing this issue, but Blade-Soul really breaks the game for us. I surprise myself that i still play a game with such pathetic optimization, but the rest of the game is so enjoyable

The fps issue looks like its coming from when everyone starts attacking the boss, so im guessing its the other players animations that lag the game? I have hide all players on, and when im in big cities with lots of people my fps is fine. Just when large groups of people are attacking.

I’m not trying to be super trolly, but hardware, or maybe software issue? Like you said happening to a small number of people. So perhaps file a ticket with ncsoft support with your dxdiag and see if they have any ideas?

I’m pretty sure I made post regarding this same topic, there not a solution fix on any of these topic related post. Just bunch of kids whinnying or saying same problem. Just have take it with a grain of salt. Crap Korean made game just like Tera. If you try to complain about it’s the same as going into mc Donald’s and complaining why is everyone is fat in it.

I have exactly the same! Freezes 90% when people are Attking. Sometimes i get lucky to get box from boss in 24 when not many people around 😡 but yea Every patch it gets Blade & Soul Items but since optimisation comes in fractions with Every patch that we get i think we Will have these freezes all the time til we have catched up with Korea…we have to wait sadly.