I’ve Spinal Tapped in Blade & Soul

I’ve Spinal Tapped him at ~1 sec and for some reason Shadow Dash doesn’t work for the mentioned reason even though he’s stunned. He’s even sometimes seen me and then immediately goes I-frame mode during Shadowless Step (3).

Anyway, generally you want to use crowd controls: Decoy, Swiftstep, Shadow Slash T3S3, Turning Leaf, Sweeping Gale, Webbing, etc. when he’s not invincible and when he doesn’t have true sight. When he gets ready to do his invincible combo (after the shockwave of blades), put down Lotus of Escape T2S1 (Don’t put S3 because it increases the cooldown for 15 seconds, and he doesn’t stun/daze you anyway), lead him away from the mark, do Lotus Fury T1S1 to i-frame his combo, and then deploy Lotus of Escape to dodge out. Then use Turning Leaf or Decoy -> Swiftstep -> Sweeping Gale -> Webbing (optional) -> Shadow Dash as soon as he lands or Shadow Slash -> Decoy his get-up attack to get back into stealth.

Actually Blade-Soul never understand, why people use some weird stun combo for him

Simply get in stealth RB F -> x ->1 RB F –>tab kick when stealth times out —> RB F —> backroll + 1 for stealth again

If you are to slow and he starts using his shitty oneshot combo, put flower at the ground
once he charges at you, you activate flower to dodge the first hits and instantly counter after

you will now be in stealth but junghado invincible, so you wait till stealth expires, tab switch him and 1 for stealth again

I made a video to help you guys out at the end Blade & Soul Items showed you what’s going to happen when you’re using 3 skill while in stealth and to made sure he won’t use his true sight and your 1 skill to work I’m stunning him everytime am doing SS 1 that’s the easiest way to do it and everyone should be able to

Rotation RB while in air ani cancel at the end x then 1 to re stealth then at the end stun him lb SS 1 and repeat but make sure to never reach 5 stacks of poison as it will mess around your rotation but if that happens just dodge his pants slash with your c at the end of true sight drop z poison bomb and tab to restealth

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