you enter these zones ruins the albion online

Support red and black zones!

Maybe I just haven’t looked through the forums enough, but I have not seen anyone advocate for removing red and black zones yet. Can you show me some examples? If you are refering to posts such as my own that include making changes to the Albion Online Power Leveling PvP areas that is not at all what we are advocating for. I love PvP infact that is why I got interested in this game. I just don’t like getting face rolled by 30 people when I’m trying to farm. 1 person, 2 people, even 3 that’s fine, but getting killed my massive groups whenever you enter these zones ruins the game.

This is the same concept in like every MMO with open world PvP known to man lol. Of course more people are going to be able to kill you if you’re by yourself. Getting facerolled by a group of 20 is no different than getting facerolled by a single person or a small group. In the end, you still got facerolled lol.

Seriously, you guys need to go play another game instead of trying to ruin this one. Full loot PvP is not for everyone, even the devs know this. Some of us love the fact that we have to stay alert and on our toes in a PvP zone. It gives gathering and farming a little more suspense. It would be no fun (at least for me) if you were able to farm knowing that you can’t be touched. I’d personally fall asleep it would be so boring. That’s not what this game is about.

I solo-farmed a spot with tier 5 mobs for almost 5 hours yesterday (Sunday, when a lot of people are on) and wasn’t touched a single time by a red or group of reds. The day before that, I farmed for an hour, reds came to kill me but luckily I was able to escape the area with my Albion Online Gold triple dash, and then I came back 20 minutes later and continued to grind in peace again.

Albion Online Mechanic: Boredom for player characters



I believe that the player driver economy needs a strong interdependence and that most players should be Buy Albion Online Gold unable to maintain self-sustainability in a competetive environment. I want a world of politics and a game where players build an identity in their characters and build social connections with other players. To this end, I would like to introduce a mechanic designed to discourage the use of multiaccounting in order to overcome the current issues with getting selfsustainable.

Mechanic: Boredom for player characters

By defining what normal gameplay is and what every player regardless of playstyle is expected to do in the game, we can set the standards for what it means for a player character to avoid boredom/stay happy. I suggest we start with three very simple and easy to understand actions:

1) Travel between any open-world zones
2) Farm any T2 or higher resource
3) Engage in any T2 or higher combat

Every time each of these actions are taken by a player character, that character should update a timestamp that stores when they last performed each of these actions. Should any of these three timestamps indicate that a player character has not been engaging in normal activity in the recent past (I suggest the last 4 hours as a starting value before this is balanced based on how the players play), the player should recieve negative buffs that lower quality of crafts, lowers yield from crafting and otherwise penalize the behavious which can be defined as the abuse of multiaccounting.

A player character that is bored should display an indicator showing what it would like to do, based on the activity with the most severe inactivity. When performing the activity the timestamp gets updated and the player character is no longer bored Cheap Albion Online Gold for that particular reason.

What problem does this change affect?

Basically, it mitigates the abuse of learning points and player islands within guilds by incentivizing the recruitment of real players that want to focus on any given economy related specialization instead of having a guild leader/member login and logout regulary to alt accounts in order to perform the work that makes the economy interdependent. By balancing how strong the negative effect is, the length of time before boredom starts and what factors trigger boredom you change the costs of multiaccounting in order to gain independence from others or bypass game restrictions which will make at least some of the current abusers change their behavior and regain dependence on the overall economy.