A Good Idea For Wvw&possible Economy Fix In Guild Wars 2

I’ve been on blackgate since the special early access preorder event and since launch ive been trying to convince my friends to get guild wars 2, and one of, if not the last people who needed it finally got around to grabbing it but now he cant join in because of tournament season i guess? Anyway i thought up of a idea to fix some problems with guild wars 2…

A “mercenary” type system. Basically you could temporarily fight for WvW servers other than your own for ingame money. That’s just a basic short example, theres probably things you could add to improve the idea.

Just think about it! Cheap gw2 gold is getting harder to earn unless you play the TP, do every dungeon and every path every day, or just sell all the junk you find and hope its worth more than 2 silver! But with the mercenary system, low-pop/not very active servers can hire players from other servers so that they stand a actual chance!!! If you think blackgate has 5x as many players as most servers then imagine what would happen if a small server had to go up against blackgate they could hire some players from a more populated and possible rival of blackgate “cough” jc+tq alliance “cough” to actually stand a chance!

Well theres the idea! The idea came from watching/reading Berserk, specifically the golden age arc, which WvW really reminds me of for some reason. A friend of mine even blasts the song “forces” whenever theres a big battle/siege.

Tl;dr my grammar and punct arent great, i’ve been trying to hard to try and get just 1 friend into my server, i’m tired of trying to sell stuff that should be at least 10 silver of worth on the TP but because everybody else is getting the same ideas the item sells for 3 copper, and i need a job.

Pls halp anet : bad enough i finally saved up enough gold/gems to get a character slot then the next day the slots went on sale for half-off.

Guild Wars 2 Warden Arondele

Warden Arondele – An NPC Who Made My Early Days

As someone who always keeps a character slot available for a leveling character, I was crestfallen to hear the NPC who got me so excited to get stuck into this game at launch had her speech clipped short.

Amongst all the recent changes – from losing the ability to wear my pirate outfit with my aviator cap or my wintersday outfit with the earmuffs, to being forced to sit watching my level one auto-attack through the intro of the game – this one felt like a low blow just to spite. Who would have thought that one line would make all the difference?

Warden Arondele was there to greet all the new sylvari who emerged the Dream. As I (and many others, I can imagine) fumbled about with the exciting and overwhelming chaos of a game with so many features that I had read about and was eager to try, Warden Arondele was there to help me get started. My wife and I had been unlocking our attacks, thrilled with a seldom used concept of “practice with weapon = get better with weapon = unlock weapon abilities”. Now we just needed some direction as to what to hit/shoot at.

A warden gave us our clothes and pointed us in the direction of the nearby scout, and this is what she said to us:

_”Welcome to Astorea. As you journey forth into the unknown, know that you are not alone. Seek guidance from those who make their homes here and help them in their time of need. The path ahead is yours to choose.

As you journey outward, you’ll encounter amazing asuran waypoints that—for a small fee—allow you to rapidly traverse the land.

I’m excited for you. You’ll find challenges out there that will help you grow and increase your skill. Enjoy the adventure!”

This was our first encounter with Warden Arondele, and her speech set the tone for the game for a long time after that. I eventually recorded it because her last line really struck a chord. Every time I rolled a new sylvari, I took the time just listening to her introduction. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it again and it had been edited out – talking to her isn’t even part of the story progression.

I know that these recent changes were made to make things easier for new players, but what really confuses me was that this NPC (and if I recall, pretty much all the scouts in the starting areas) give such a clear run down on the basics of how the game works, so why are they removed? After listening to them when I first installed the game, the response was generally “Oooh! Shall we try a heart first? Or what about that skill point thing? I’ve nearly finished unlocking my pistol 3 attack – let’s go to the heart and I’ll unlock it while I’m there.”After making my first character since the changes, I was left with that….“so what should I do until level 10?” feeling. Then I lazily went and “killed stuff”.

Anyway. This post was just me mourning one of the less noticeable things that were changed with the latest patches. I know its not game breaking, but she was just an NPC that made my day every time she wished me well on my adventures. I’m not sure if anyone else has had an NPC edited or removed that you used to look out for whenever you were in their area. If you did, feel free to post about it here.