Give Us A Prestigeous Pve Armor In Guild Wars 2

All modes should offer the same rewards, just with different ways of how to obtain them, which are for each different Playstyle different balanced.

And if this shouldnt be whyever possible, then each mode should offer somehow ways how to obtain these skins, so that just simply everyone can play the game HOW THEY WANT, without being forced to play something, that they don’t like just to earn some weapon/armor skins in a game, where fashion is currently everything in this game to come up with a unique character individualization for everyone.

People cry out lout here like little babies who have been stolen their precious lollies..Come on, is it for real ?These new PvP Armors, let PvP’ers earn it through that new PvP Reward Track and through winning their PvP Competitions in those Tournaments.A PvE player would then earn these armors through a long and hard scavenger hunt instead, what would take longer, for the price of having it earned in the way how you as a PvE player would like it to play the game, what doesn’t mean that in that scavenger hunt can’t be also integrated something little bit PvP related disguised as a new ACTIVITY.

A WvW Player could earn these new Armors through Tournament Tickets, currently we have there only the mistforged weapons and mistforged hero weapons, that are currently WvW only rewards too.Are PvPers crying for that here now too ?did yousee any PvPer come up instantly and QQ the house full, because they can’t get those weapons sets through PvP currently?

No, it didn’t happen. But it doesn’t mean that Anet couldnt add in future also some kind of Hero of the Mist PvP Reward Track, so that PvP’ers can earn these skins also through PvP and give on the other side for PvE as new explorable Elite Location – the Underworld, which lies in the Mists there those weapon set skins as rare loot rewards from the various champions/ world boss that you might find there then, so that PvE’ers would get their their chance to earn these sets without having to participate in those WvW Tournaments for Tournament Tickets as rewards…

The point is, nothign of all this is set in stone for eternity, Anet can always come up later with changes and additions to the reward systems to allow the other players of other play modes to earn those things differently.Exclusiveness isn’t a thing that must stay forever in all eternity.Exclusiveness can also be temporary.

Look at many games on the console market, which get first announced as exlusive title and then some years later when the exlusiveness licence contract that has been made there runs out become later multi platform titles.The same way it can be handled with exclusive rewards. First they are temporary exclusive for PvP and somewhen later, when Anet thinks, this and that was now long enough exclusive, they add new reward mechanisms in the other areas of the game through adding new content, like said example of the underworld, which would be a splendig great and simple way to add WvW mistforged weapons and hero weapons there as a way for PvE’ers to gain these things under a RNG scheme of a mechanism, while WvW’s would have with their Tournaments a direct based Token scheme for guaranteed rewards, but can therefore work on these rewards only, when a Tournament is actively running …

All just simple examples of what can be with what I just want to express – we don#t know, what Anets plans are for us in the future in regard of reward systems and all such stuff.So it brings absolutely nothing to make a total outrage here now. It won’t lead into a sudden hotfix patch that changes things to how you’d like them to see that this new content gets instantly changed to be not PvP exclusive anymore directly.