Guild Wars 2 Dev Modifying WvW Variance Code to Better Balance Matches

ArenaNet has made a reduction in Guild Wars 2’s WvW variance code to better balance its matches.

Back when Guild Wars 2 first launched world-versus-world conflict, the game utilized a matchup system was markedly flawed. Relying on each world’s Glicko rating to determine pairings, it had a tendency to consistently throw the same worlds at each other over and over again, much to the frustration of the game’s player base.

In turn, its developers at ArenaNet instituted a Variance formula that revamped how matchups were determined. The result was a greater variety of opponents in WvW play and that even led to some movement in the game’s ranking boards. Even so, not everything was perfect and on occasion, the variance formula led to sessions where one world was clearly outmatched by the other.

Hoping to help rectify that problem and bring a bit more balance to WvW combat, ArenaNet has made some adjustments to the variance code that it hopes will lead to “fewer matches where one or two worlds are potentially steamrolled.” The studio does admit that the changes being made will lead to a situation where players find themselves fighting the same worlds more often than they currently are, but it clearly hopes that the added fairness will make up for that.