Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:dungeons In General

Hello, here are some few idea that I think would make dungeons better as an experience and not just a quick money grab. I love going into a dungeon but it’s saddening how we ended up, with one stat to do it all , getting in corners and such. Now I don’t bash/rage at people doing that, I know that it is the most effective way to do it , and there the problem stems I believe. Guildwars 2 combat system is amazing , it offers so much flexibility yet we’re still stuck in one build to rule it all and it is a waste. I tried to keep the suggestions to what already is in Gw2 ,and to be PVE only, I realize some of the changes would be awful in PVP or WvW , so again PVE ONLY.

• Have auto-attack chain that makes sense (eg a giant having 2 fast autos and one big charged one) , melee mobs cleave (faster attacks) ( some damage adjustments)
• Some having down state
• Better AI
– having reactive dodges and block ( trying to leave the aoe*(dodge out maybe) )
– trying to flank players (some of them eg inquest assassins)
– Following on an arc in when losing los instead of the shortest path
– Ranged trying to keep their distance and can attack while moving

• Having class similarities
• Having more aoe
• Healing themselves and allies ( some of them ,poison makes much more sense in pve)
• If it’s a projectile, it’s reflectable, end of story!
• Some calling for help
• Having cast timers
• Hard hitting abilities having visible tells

• Defiant hard cap replaced with a soft one, every consecutive cc adds a stack and a timer each hard cc reducing the duration of the next by 25% – 50% and adding another stack and increasing the duration of the timer, when 100% is achieved the boss gets immunity to cc for the duration left on the timer. So player can interrupt key abilities without stunlocking them.

• Same AI changes as the mobs

Why: Mobs right now are dumb as a rock, they don’t react to anything the player does to them, they will flock together in the biggest/ hardest hitting aoe in the game without a second though, this make them boring in my opinion, having them dodge/avoid attacks , grouping and helping each other would make a much more interesting encounter for the party, would keep everyone on their toes, and feel more rewarding when defeating a group of them. Having them run to other groups for help or trying to get some of the downed ones could make control builds much more useful ,the auto-attack chain makes the flow of the battle much more natural and it opens confusion up as a viable pve condition ( how many ppl have watched as their confusion stacks gradually die without doing a single tick of damage)

• Damaging condition stack independently ( poison healing reduction only once) ( with condition bullets and some trait/skill changes eg: epidemic spreads only necromancer’s conditions)
• Conditions have 2x, 3x base duration
• Healing power scales better (2x, 3x)
• Boons radius increased (240 is a joke )

Why: Condition builds suffer greatly in dungeons, a full condition build has damage potential but it’s held back but other players skills that apply conditions as a second effect (eg: elementalist churning earth), also they take a while to ramp up so a bigger duration would help achieve that faster, also it helps hybrid builds, I think these changes will bring condition builds more in line with power ones. Conditions can still use the current interface , just increase the cap to 125 stacks bleeding/confusion/torment and when someone in your party place the condition you just see the shield icon, when you place it, it gains stacks, same can be done with the duration stacking ones, just add the white edge to the ones you put.

Healing power is an underpowered stat in pve , you have to sacrifice a lot to gain a little more healing , increasing the scaling without touching the base healing would make healing power a viable stat choice, and no it won’t make dedicated healers, there are still cooldowns to keep that in check, as for boon(and some healing) radii some are so small(240) it’s not even worth mentioning if you aren’t stacked eg: elementalists healing ripple, it seems good on paper but if you’re further than 240 from any player it cuts it’s healing to 20%.