Condition Burst And Burning Problem In Guild Wars 2

Condition based builds only need a single attribute to define their damage, which is condition damage, whereas any other build requires at least 3: power, precision, and ferocity. Because of this, condition based specs can build themselves to be extremely tanky and still do an unreasonably high amount of damage, whereas if you want to build a similar damaging build around raw damage you need to spec for power and ferocity, and also precision if you don’t have reliable means to crit, leaving raw damage builds extremely squishy and easy to kill.

There is no inherent counter-play to conditions. To defend against conditions, you must specifically build yourself to deal with them, sacrificing options you otherwise would have. On the contrary, there IS inherent counter-play to raw and burst damage. No matter how you are built, if you avoid the attack, be it through dodge-rolling (which every player has), line of sight, blinds, blocks, evades, or other means, you mitigate 100% of the damage. You don’t NEED to build to your character to defend against raw damage because there are integrated methods in the gameplay that can counter raw damage. There is no such thing for conditions, and that’s what makes them strong.

To add on to this, the primary method of applying damaging conditions is through auto attacks, aoe skills (many of which are instant and have no travel time), and passives that no one can control or predict. There’s no real consequence if a condition spec misses one of their condition-applying moves because most of their damage comes from auto attacks and aoes. There no risk-reward mentality in the spec, whereas raw damage specs are built upon a risk-reward mentality. It’s completely unbalanced and backwards from a design perspective.

My point was that you don’t need to spec specifically to deal with raw damage because there are inherent methods in the game that can counter raw damage. Of course, you CAN spec to deal with raw damage better, such as the methods you gave above, but they are not necessary. The only thing that is needed is to avoid the big attacks.

With conditions, it is different. Yes, you can avoid some condition-applying attacks, but when the majority of damaging conditions are applied through auto attacks (most of which are projectiles and ranged), ground-targeted aoes that don’t have a travel time, and passives you can’t predict, the only RELIABLE means to deal with conditions is to specifically spec for them.

When playing without armor on, I last a lot longer fighting against a raw damage spec than I do against a condition damage spec. And that’s because there are a plethora of ways to deal with raw damage. You can mitigate the damage using the methods above, or you can completely negate the damage by avoiding the attack altogether, proactively and reactivity. Yes, thieves can do a lot of damage, but any thief will die when sneezed on, and that’s because they are built with risk-reward in mind. You can’t say the same for a condi spec.