Guild Wars 2 Sug/Feedback : Things I Want To See In A FP

This topic is likely to be a general feedback about the september feature pack, and things I want to suggest (Or remember) that should be nice to have in a feature pack.

On a quick note about september feat pack, I found it very very weak, most of thigs are implementations of features that china already had months ago, and could be implemented easily on the course of the last months. The other general things in this FP I see more like reworks on systems that most part of the game population already found good enough, so I don’t think it needed a rework at all.

The only thing that got my attention in this feature pack is the Collection achievments.

That said, I’ll list here some suggestions of features that I was expecting and I think that ould really improve the game experience for everyone:


  • A hotjoin Option for 1×1 battles. (Aka duel) : I love to pvp in gw2, but it destroy my game experience that the only pvp system I have avaiable to play all the time is a team combat pvp. Isn’t pvp for me when you fight 3×1, or when ppl force balance on a team to buy gw2 gold.
  • New pvp Game modes : Carry the flag, Protect the lord, Slay then all (Last team with 1 player survivor win), any new pvp game modes would be great.

> WxW

  • New sort of objectives in BL : As a war, would be great see improvments as barricades, and vigil towers around keeps, that can be upgraded/captured in order to increase points per tick, and better thatn all : Siege monsters : Like the giant devourers, or siege wurms.
  • New commands to commanders : I’ve only recently discovered that commanders can map mark to theirs squad with icons like “Defense”, or “Attack”. This is very hidden and poorly designed. Improve this function By actually making it be more visible on mini map/map with an circle area (Like the capture areas) where the commander need ppl. Would be even better if the commander could ask a number of ppl, and then this Area circle get green when it reachs the ammout of ppl needed.

> Collecting and Trading

  • Person-to-person Trading : Its terrible when you have to just believe that the person will pay you by the mail system, this is not a secure system and is also very bad in gaming experience. A just window trading would be incridible good.
  • Legendarys for a legend : The so talked scavenger hunt for precursor are exactly what Mawdrey has proved to us . That sort of system is nice, make tokens that you only get when u visit place, or kill a boss. Best of all, a diary just like the books we had in gw1, that fill pages for every sstep made towards the legendary. Mini dungeons, Mini Puzzles, Bosses and even rare mats i order to fill each page of the book.
  • Collectable tokens : For stuff like teq skin, or fractals skins. I by myself ave run over 150 teq battles without getting a single teq hoard. I’ve got 10 different fractal skins less the shield that I wanted (Running over 500+ fractals by now). So, a token system like the scraps that you made in BoT4w in last year, each exo chest of teq gives you a single token, and with 25 tokens you can exchange for a teq skin. This sort of thing.

> New Stuff and content

  • New armor and weapons : Yeah, new legendarys (Not everyone like raibow style, but staff is still a great option for a lot of ppl), new craftable/in game collectable armors, and finally new legendary gear.
  • New Dungeon/More fractal levels : At least 1 new path for every dungeon (They have a lot of potential to be explored yet), or a new brand dungeon. And by last, more fractal levels beyond 50. 50 is already too easy, and some ppl like challenging content.

Those are thing that I personally miss in this game, and would love to see in a feature pack. About the september feature pack, I said All I had to say, I know that it have some stuff for other sort of ppl different than me, but if u gave then this FP what they wanted, please, take a time to these other features next time too.

Cost Of Precursor On Tp In Guild Wars 2

Players cooperate in adding materials to the world, but it’s ANet that is ultimately responsible for the supply and demand equation. I have no idea the actual numbers, but let’s say that on an average day, the player’s current behavior is to “create” 500 units of copper, and to “consume” 500 units of copper via activities. This is stable, and results in a stable price. Now let’s say the players just gave up on using copper, just refused to do it, so demand dropped to nothing, but the supply was still there. The player market price would plummet, and eventually the suppliers would trickle off as well. But since copper enters the world incidentally, without any specific effort, supply would grow. Eventually there would be billions of units of copper on the market that nobody would buy gw2 gold.

Historically, ANet would not allow this in most cases. If this scenario occurred, they would magically invent a new use for copper that would spike demand for it and bleed off this surplus. This is NOT allowing players to control the markets, this is ANet insisting that the players are doing it wrong and shifting things back to how they want them.

Likewise, the opposite was true, if players found it too onerous to do whatever tasks generated copper, causing the supply to fall well short of demand, then the price would spike, and while people might be interested in returning to those tasks for the increased price, the balance point would rise to a level that might be considered unreasonable for people that just wanted to make some basic copper goods. In this case, they would be likely to add new ways of earning copper that people would be more likely to do.

They’ve notoriously avoided patching up some holes in this system, like Silver Doubloons, but for the most part they’ve made plenty of deliberate moves to tweak the prices on the marketplace, or at least been aware that the changes they were making would have these corrective impacts. Remember before ascended crafting when most basic mats were trading at junk status?

Now again, I don’t WANT a player-driven market, I want a market in which players can find the goods they need at reasonable prices and sell the stuff they don’t want for a reasonable price, and anything that gets us there is fine by me, but the GW2 market is player influenced, but by no means player driven.

TLDR; within a margin of error, the price of every good on the marketplace is exactly what ANet wants it to be, and whenever it isn’t, they do something to fix it. That is not “player driven.”