Guild Wars 2 Suggestions: Real Airships In Tyria

I do like the airship idea, but prefer it as a “Guild Hall” add-on as suggested by Orpheal.8263.

With regards to the OP, I love the idea of GvG while on your Guild Airship… I Imagine it to be very similar to Ship battle in “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

You would have 1 player actually controlling the ship, so the 2 ships within the battle would be moving. but I would suggest a turn based movement system for the ships. Then when they are within range, members of your guild could use certain slingshot weapons to either attack the enemy ship or fling themselves over to the other ship with the Zepherite Aspect (skill 3).

Victory goes to the team that either destroys the oppo’s ship or kills the enemy… Once dead you can only get up if ressed by an ally, there would be no waypoints, and much like EotM if you fall off the ship you die instantly.

Naturally to avoid people logging out and then rejoining the battle, there should be a lock out function that will activate as soon as the battle begins so guild members who did not get to cheap guild wars 2 gold before the event starts will be locked out completely.

My only additional comment for this is a suggestion which some will like other will hate… But I’d love to see Eye of the North converted into an obtainable Guild Hall, whereby you work to rebuild it back to it’s former glory and the scrying pool could be used to access cinematics from the game that you have previously seen… perhaps even allow for the HoM to have trophies for guild achievements (and then add in a tier of upgrades that are unlockable only when your guild has x-amount of Achievement points). Just a thought… this could of course be added into any guild hall but being all nostalgic and sentimental, I’d go for Eye of the North.

Reworking Thief Venoms In Guild Wars 2

It would have an ICD to a 0 cd reduced steal, but if need be could go further so a combo like that cannot be over used (90 seconds?) I acknowledge the potential exploit in it which is why I suggested a ICD on it.

I don’t see how adding double charges is any different from a 10 second window (again, could be reduced further but the effects would need an improvement for such a short window). If they screw up a hit or 2, double charges just lets them keep going at it. Sure the might on venom strike helps it seem more like an active effect but its in the same boat of giving them more chances. Also these aren’t literal lesser effects of those venoms, these are small stat bonuses for a short time to use them for something. It would have zero effect on allies effected by your venoms, it would be only for cheap guild wars 2 gold.

Tooltips don’t always display trait effects, VoJ on guardian doesn’t display vulnerability if you trait blind exposure for example (I bet I could find more but that’s not the point). Steal already turns from a 1 line description to a full page with a trickery spec, so tool tips are hardly the issue.

See karka venom. In any case, ice drake cannot be buffed because of how it behaves. You start adding 5, 6 w/e charges or increase the duration next thing its going to be a chill spam build somehow with 10+ second chill applications. Ice drake venom also conflicts with devourer venom in the control department, we don’t need redudent utility skills especially in the same category. We already have a poison and torment venom, burn makes no sense thematically on a thief, a confusion venom just sounds odd and bleed would just seem redudent on a thief kit because we have so much of it already (and it is easy to accidently override since almost everyone has a ton of it). Best option is to turn it into a utility rather than more DoT or some other condition we already have a ton of. Remember you want something to add to a build that isn’t just a copy of you other skills, it has to be unique. Karka venom is just a suggestion, but really the main idea is a utility.

Skelk venom just seems like it can’t be utilized without a build. It has potential as it is and traits would only allow it to function better. The fact that it is on hit on a long cooldown putting out more hits just makes you live a few seconds longer, it really doesn’t help the venoms role as a healing skill slot. It needs something to pull its weight even if it means a small investment.