A Good Idea For Wvw&possible Economy Fix In Guild Wars 2

I’ve been on blackgate since the special early access preorder event and since launch ive been trying to convince my friends to get guild wars 2, and one of, if not the last people who needed it finally got around to grabbing it but now he cant join in because of tournament season i guess? Anyway i thought up of a idea to fix some problems with guild wars 2…

A “mercenary” type system. Basically you could temporarily fight for WvW servers other than your own for ingame money. That’s just a basic short example, theres probably things you could add to improve the idea.

Just think about it! Cheap gw2 gold is getting harder to earn unless you play the TP, do every dungeon and every path every day, or just sell all the junk you find and hope its worth more than 2 silver! But with the mercenary system, low-pop/not very active servers can hire players from other servers so that they stand a actual chance!!! If you think blackgate has 5x as many players as most servers then imagine what would happen if a small server had to go up against blackgate they could hire some players from a more populated and possible rival of blackgate “cough” jc+tq alliance “cough” to actually stand a chance!

Well theres the idea! The idea came from watching/reading Berserk, specifically the golden age arc, which WvW really reminds me of for some reason. A friend of mine even blasts the song “forces” whenever theres a big battle/siege.

Tl;dr my grammar and punct arent great, i’ve been trying to hard to try and get just 1 friend into my server, i’m tired of trying to sell stuff that should be at least 10 silver of worth on the TP but because everybody else is getting the same ideas the item sells for 3 copper, and i need a job.

Pls halp anet : bad enough i finally saved up enough gold/gems to get a character slot then the next day the slots went on sale for half-off.

Guild Wars 2 Bunker Down Dmg Test In Solo Pve

Since I’ve seen a lot of people talking about bunker down I thought I’d just leave this here (it might still be processing, give it a minute):

This video demonstrates more or less how I use Bunker Down to it’s most effectiveness in solo PvE, and to give you an idea of what kind of numbers can be achieved relative to all the other damage you’re doing.

If my video editing skills were more up to par I’d crop out all the junk so you only see the combat log.

Keep in mind this is CM P3, a level 45 dungeon so this isn’t supposed to demonstrate massive numbers, also I completely neglected to use food in this so I’m a few crit percentiles off the mark. What you should take out of this is the bunker down damage relative to the bomb damage in the combat log, as it wouldn’t be too far off from what you would see in level 80 combat. If somebody put this in an excel spreadsheet you’d probably see that the damage from bunker down is somewhere between 20-30% of the overall damage that’s being done here.

If there’s enough interest, I can record a similar test in a level 80 dungeon and actually remember to use cheap gw2 gold and share the results back here. The only reason why I picked this particular dungeon and path was because it was honestly the only boss that came to mind where I could easily test this with minimal risk while ensuring each bunker down mine went off.