Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:Ancient Conditions Conundrum

That is why this proposed ides could never be balanced.

First off, the idea of players applying/maintain their own burn would be so ridiculously OP the tears would cause local floods. Never mind the idea of ALL conditions being personal. A good condi can dish out 1k burn ticks.

Vulnerability affecting conditions would cause wild fluctuations in condi damage and be that many more calculations that need to be handled.

As for bleeds being setup like burning and poison, it would be impossible to balance this proposed system. How would the damage be “scaled”/calculated if it was like burning and poison? Just 1 stack would be modified to do the same damage as 25 stacks does now? Or would it be equal to 12.5 stacks? What about the rate these conditions can be applied vs cleansed? Bleeds are very abundant and you have to build them up to do maximum damage right now. This is balanced with condi clears right now.

How crazy would it be for a condi user to use FIVE SKILLS and be doing their MAXIMUM DAMAGE? The are tons of skills with conditions on the b/c how they’re implemented right now. This proposed idea would make condition clearing futile. Now this is just in a 1v1 scenario. What happens in a 1vX or even zerg clashes when all the condi users maintain their own stacks AND are doing maximum personal damage with just a few skills (4-5 secs tops)? You have people everywhere blowing up to 20-50k condi bursts is what would happen.

So again, how could this possibly be balanced? Remove most of the condition application from most skills? Then you don’t have ‘condi weapons’ anymore making skill sets seem bland and limited. Do you add condition removal to 75% of the skills in the game? Do you heavily reduce the scaling of the Condition Damage stat so condition users aren’t bursting as heavy as full Berserker builds? Well then you have the problem of conditions going from inefficient in large groups to them being absolutely pathetic for any solo/small group play. That would make power specs a necessity for anything other than large fights.

The point is, as Indigo seems to agree, the only way to balance this would be a complete and radical overhaul of the entire combat system and almost every skill, trait, rune, and sigil in the game.

They’ve changed a lot in condis’ favor since launch. Necro just screams, “Use condition gear!” right? Everyone wants to be different. Forget those mean ole ‘zerkers’…those conformists! This, seemingly innocent, idea might appear to be a solution in a short brainstorm, but, when looked at logically, rationally, and objectively, it would only break the game in every way. The Devs did a pretty good job imho.