What Do You Do With Dungeon Tokens In Guild Wars 2?

I don’t need any more armor or weapons so when I accumulate dungeon tokens (e.g., Symbols of Koda) I buy a weapon and salvage it. I have a few Black Lion Salvage kits that I’ve obtained from daily reward chests, which I use for this.

What I’ve found is that you have no better chance of getting greater rewards from an expensive weapon like a great sword (390 tokens) than you do from an off hand weapon like a warhorn (210 tokens). The salvage from these weapons can include Sigils (~3 silver), Globs of Ectoplasm (~40 silver), globs of dark matter (used for crafting) and Orichalum Imbued Inscriptions (from ~10 gold for Berserker’s Orichalum Imbued Inscription, which come from weapons with Berserker stats, to ~ 3.5 gold for Soldiers Orichalum Imbued Inscription).

What I’ve found is that I never receive the Berserker’s Orichalum Imbued Inscription (from, e.g., Flame Legion Berserker-stat Weapons) but sometimes do get the Soldier’s Orichalum Imbued Inscription (from, e.g., Kodan Soldier-stat Weapons).This can’t mean anything but I’ve done better salvaging items when it’s nighttime in Tyria rather than daytimeWhat is your strategy/experience in getting the most out of your dungeon tokens?

From what I understand you can only get back inscriptions/insignias from stat combos that cannot be crafted. So, you can’t get a berserker’s intricate gossamer inscription back from an exotic berserker armor piece, but you CAN get a soldier’s intricate gossamer inscription back from a soldier piece.

When I have a surplus of tokens, I buy armor (since I can either use the silk or sell it) with stats that have a chance to give me back the insignia, and then I break them down.