Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:Time to Split PVE from PVP

So what changed after new patch affected thousands of players which all of them was rellying at FGS to do dungeons, and now PUGS dosent know how to do dungeons without the easy mode FGS. We did runs without FGS before new patch and calculated time loss and its not that much time loss if you have an organized group who have and work on tactics to make the runs faster.

Other thing i would like to update on the main topic is our utility skills and some of our traits, they simply are not optimal to use in many situations.

Us players need optimal choices on all skills, we need to make all of them worthy to use in specific situations or circunstances and some of them are not usefull.

About the traits its the same us as players should choose a specific trait for a specific situation or circunstance, and some of them are not usefull.

For PVP to make it even more interested if you split and focus skill utilities for pvp style us as players will benefit and the Devs will benefit making the game more challenging and competitive against other MMOS outthere will lure more players and money.


  • Glyph of renewal 160CD revive allies
  • For PVE when your down theres a trait to do something to mobs in my opinion should not exist and make something different about that for pve.
  • Trait One with air
    its not an optimal choice for PVE
  • All condition dmg is not good for PVE unless you add in the game Hexes degenerating HP and also change each boss with specific weakness making players use specific build and trait just to get it killed properly by using thoose specifications, over doing what we are used to do for 2 years, stack might, hit and slash.
  • Trait Healing to allies
    Dosent offer nothing to PVE we dont rely on healers in this game
  • Stop drop and roll
    Who is using this for PVE?
  • Arcane resurection
    Its not optimal for PVE
  • Windborn Dagger
    its not optimal for PVE we have signet of air which makes the same already and at least the signet blinds foes around the target mob.


  • Brawlers Recovery
    Not needed for PVE
  • Thrill of the Kill
    Dosent make sense atm since you loose adrenaline after leaving combat
  • Leg specialist
    who uses this in PVE?
  • Missle Deflection
    where should we use this?
  • Shields for PVE are not optimal.
  • Unsuspecting Foe
  • Burst Precision
    how does it compete with Berserker Power?
  • Berserkers Might
    how does it compete with Berserker Power?
  • Short Temper
    who is using this ?
  • Great Fortitude
    who is using this ?
  • Restorative Strenght
    who is using this ?


Make the Ranger in PvE more powerfull in melee and weaker at range and do the oposite for PvP like you guys just did in this patch.
All the traits for longbow/shortbow are not optimal for PvE.

  • Storm Spirit
    Not seeing anyone using it on PVE
  • Spike Trap
    utility and trait
  • Frost Trap
    Traps for PvE are not an optimal choice
  • Call Wurm
    Who is using this?
  • Trappers Expertise
  • Trap Potency
    Trap Traits not optimal for PvE
  • Natures Voice
    Who is using this?
  • Survival of the fittest
    Who is using this?
    Beastmastery for PvE needs some improovement to make it usefull choice to use instead any other options on traits.


Keep the necro like it is for PvP for now, but please make this class rise for PvE this class needs pve attention like i said at top post.

  • Parasitic Contagion
  • Path of Corruption
    Not optimal for PvE
  • Whitering Precision
    20sec CD change it for perma time for PvE
  • Blood is Power
    for PvE i would make this skill OP in terms of benefitting all group with fury and might buffs
  • Chilling Darkness
    1sec effect who uses this for PvE?
  • Blood Magic
  • Death Magic
  • Soul Reaping
    All of the traits needs to focus for PvE
  • Wells
    Reduce the CD from them and increase their effects for PvE

To make a necro minion master usefull in this game will need to change a lot to be worthy to use instead other possible options like in gw1 necros could summon an army from corpses making him a class to take in consideration for the group.