Condition Cleanse In Guild Wars 2

Conditions should probably inherently be weaker than direct DPS in just raw number math. However they should carry a lot of Weight and bring control to a fight of any type beyond just a ticking timer for DoT (damage over time). I feel Gw2 missed the mark on the earlier aspect and overloaded us with simple DoT with an afterthought to fight control.

Should conditions be attached to auto attacks or every #2-5 weapon skill on every profession by defualt. no. It quickly causes over saturation and just promotes spam without planning or thinking what a condition will/should do. Gw2 should reward conditions more than it does but not just by increasing their damage. Longer/shorter durations, Less application and less access … The old saying of Less is More.
If necros were the only class with Bleeding on their Weapon auto attack or whatever…

We also seem to be Missing some conditions or having some conditions doing a mismatched double duty, There is no Boon reduction or prevention condition, no punishment for spamming boons (which imo could use a similar treatment to conditions). Why does Weakness reduce crit chance while adding the chance for Glancing blows while also slowing endurance Regen and why is weakness so hard to find and consistently apply? Why do we have gw2 gold that only cause damage (burning and bleeding and Torment)? If i threw dirt in your eyes and you were blinded, would it really wear off the moment you took a swing at me and missed?

Would severely Limiting Condition application, open up more options to balance them effectively, even inside of Zergs?Do some conditions need a rework or buff plus a larger limiting factor to application?What classes should still retain access to conditions via Crits or gain the option to cause other conditions via traits?