No Precursor Crafting Can’t Last In Guild Wars 2

If this person was a so called “Hardcore gamer” and they quit over farming gold for a precursor, I call them weak. Play EQ and get flagged all the way up to PoTime or work on getting VP key or work on your Epic weapon there. It took guilds of people to get the pieces to make 1 person a weapon. Also not to mention the weeks of running planes in a raid and praying your item you needed dropped and that you had enough DKP to buy it. Not to mention other games like EQ2, AoC, and vanilla WoW which took months and months and months to get geared out since all the raid content was time gated. In GW2 grinding gold for a precursor is not gated so you can farm zones for mats, run dungeons, do events etc etc.

If you want rage inducing system, play Tera when it came out and try to make a MW weapon and then get it +12 which cost literally thousands of gold and 99% of the time it failed and you lost all that gold. It’s like playing the mystic forge and having to have to win 12 times and the weapons were required for the high end dungeons or you were kicked or just not invited vs legendaries here just being cosmetics really.

If you quit over not getting a precursor fast enough, you would have quit after making a legendary anyways imo.

Also I read the article and I don’t remember reading about the timeframe they started or amount of time played. If they started at release and couldn’t save enough to buy 1 precursor alone or between them both, then they are doing something drastically wrong. I have been playing since release and have managed to farm enough gold to buy 6 precursors and finish 6 legendaries and I don’t even play the TP.

And to play devil’s advocate, if they made precursors craftable, what do you think would happen to the prices of T6 mats and anything else needed for legendaries? They would double or triple in price. So now you got a craftable precursor which saves you 1000g but now the cost of making gift of might and magic both tripled in price so now it costs 3k to make gift of fortune. Grats you just traded one evil for another. Now we will see threads about how T6 mats are overpriced and they should be handed out at a whime and so on and so on for every other piece of the legendary. Once the dust settles on all that crying, the answer will be, “once you hit level 80, Anet will send you a legendary token which can be traded in for a legend of your choice”.