New Level 80 – Gear Advice for WvW

1) Exotic weapons and armor can be bought in WvW for 1 gold + badges if you have any badges.

2) WvW vendors also sell rare armor and weapons for Karma, but NOT trinkets. So, I usually buy exotic trinkets on the Trading Post if I’m strapped for cash, and go for rare armor and weapons.

3) If you are strapped for cash, you might want to consider getting a really cheap armor off the Trading Post, such as Cleric’s which was about 1 gold when I bought it. Having a full set of exotic armor and weapons will make you stronger than having a couple of exotic pieces with your preferred stat and the rest of your gear being stuck as Masterwork and Rare.

4) As someone else already mentioned, the equipment sold by WvW vendors cannot be salvaged. So, if you don’t want to waste your money then just buy some really cheap runes and sigils to put in them. There are some runes and sigils on the trading post that are pretty useful that you can get for very cheap. They won’t give you the “max deeps” but they will increase your effectiveness by a lot. If you put expensive runes and sigils in the vendor gear, you will eventually have to trash them and you will never be able to get them out. So, putting runes in there that cost six gold pieces is a complete waste, especially if you eventually intend to replace your armor and weapons with ascended. Always put runes in there that cost a few silver and not a few guild wars 2 gold.

5) All ascended trinkets can be bought for laurels (+ ectoplasm for earrings) and if you plan to WvW you might want to get the inscriptions from the WvW vendor which adds five to a stat and increased/reduced damage to/from WvW guards. With full inscriptions, that’s 3% reduced damage from guards and 2% increased damage to guards.

Ressing People Doesn’t Reward You In Guild Wars 2

As the title says, ressing people doesn’t reward you if you already unlock that achievement or you did daily reviver (both pretty really easy).

Fact is:
1) In places like EotM, capping is more important to ress people died or downed out of the circle, creating a bad way to play the game “I don’t care if you don’t get in circle you helped me out to cap, because I will lost my reward”(karma,exp,wvw points etc). Even Commandera go cap instead of showing players that before capping would be nice to help others, especially if you’re far away from your Server waypoint.

2) World Bosses like Tequatl or Great Jungle Wurm and maybe Jormag too make lots of dead people and it’s almost impossible for players have time to ress them, but in Bosses like Shatterer, Behemoth, Fire Elemental etc, there’s no risk to fail the event because you helped ress some players. But people still don’t like to do it.

So, people don’t get used to ress people, or maybe they do after they capped or they killed the Boss, and it’s really useless for people get guild wars 2 gold after the big event happened.

So I would like to ask to Anet if there’s any chance to increase the “Combat Healer” achievement with more rewarding points to get and nice titles, or bag loots as in Sanctum Sprint (“Ress 50 times”, repetable +TOT Achievement Points) in order to get people used to help eachother and don’t think just for themselves.

When we started the game, lots of people ressed others, because obviously the Achievement Combat Healer. And it was great cause you were sure, once you were died, that someone would have come to ress you.Now that we almost all already have that title, we tend to ignore deqd people around, we just think “it’s their problem if they die, they want to wear full zerker, they want to rush etc etc.” And maybe some other nice people lose their rewards too to help those you didn’t want to help.

Maybe it’s not the main problem right now, but it would help a lot the community and the feeling that you just don’t play for yourself and none is left behind.