Guild Wars 2 PvE Maps – Missing Depth

I would like to explain the problems I have by showcasing Drytop, the new map. There is a village, which is basically just a wide place with two rocks in it and a canyon which hardly fills any purpose. If I think of an oriental town I think of small, winding alleys between all houses, lots of angles and impasses. Prosperity, the town, is basically just one wall and one house you can go into. It greatly lacks detail. Another thing I would like to point out is the lack of details in the skybox. if you go all the way up to the diving goggle and look around, you hardly get the feeling of being in a real desert or wasteland. I think this feeling could be easily countered by a better skybox which has some hills, dunes or Oases. It would get perfect if the skybox of one map would teaser the landscape which can be found in the next map. A map which also greatly lacks detail is Snowden Drifts which I highly dislike. Almost the whole left part of the map serves no purpose at all, it’s just a big, open, wide area which is completely boring. There is no difference if you would take the southern route, the northern route or the road in the middle. It lacks also proper mountains. Either there is a single rock which is so steep that you can’t climb it or it’s just a flat hill.

I would at last leave some positive things, areas where the map creation has been done right or where the current map design doesn’t suffer that much.

Map creation done right: Salma District. This is what I think would be a good rate of detail. Personally, I would like to be able to walk into all houses, I know this wont be possible. But I would like to get into every third house atleast, I would like to have smaller but more ways around, more to explore, more secrets to discover.

Where the current map creation works:
Wayfarer Foothills. The current map design waives large woods or anything that blocks your vision, mostly because it would hit the performance too hard. This is however the problem I have with the most maps, the quantity of stuff you could find. A map which that doesn’t apply to is Wayfarer Foothills, where you would expect, based on its snowy mountain theme, no great detail. Yet the south part of it has a good degree of detail, it simply fits.