Your experience with Spectral Grasp In Guild Wars 2

It pulls the target like a fat projectile. That is, if you pull someone and there is a hill between you and the target they will get caught on the hill. You can see this best when you try to pull something behind a low fence or a player behind the ramparts on a wvw tower (when you can’t see their feet). If they are standing on the ramparts (you can see their feet) they’ll get pulled although they won’t arc down, just fly over top of you and quickly come down. Their trajectory is likely a bug although you can cast dark pact on them the entire time they’re traveling so it doesn’t matter. Grasp then pact and they’ll appear immobilized, at your feet, in a second.

Short pulls are the result of a minor increase then decrease in grade between you and the target. They get caught on the slight increase even though it’s rarely perceivable from your vantage point.

I’d like to see the target get pulled with a slight arc to deal with the “fat projectile” issue since this adds an almost un-learnable level of skill to using the ability. It looks buggy, so players won’t try to figure out why it isn’t working and get better at using it, they’ll simply assume it’s a bug and not use it at all.

Additionally, it also doesn’t pull dolyaks in wvw, but I think that’s an intentional issue with dolyaks to prevent CCing off route to deny supply.It’s one of my favorite skills due to it’s short cooldown, high LF gain, interrupt, fast cast, and ability to pull people out of position.