Why Do They Expect An Influx Of New Players In Guild Wars 2

As I read through all the Sept Patch stuff, all the criticism on various game sites like Dulfy, Reddit, Guru, PC mag, etc. . . I can’t keep myself from wondering why all the changes for New Player Experience (NPE). I’m confused and I’m wondering if I missed something, somewhere.

I know that a common theme for the changes was to simplify things and to bring this MMO for in-line with the Eastern (China and such) counterpart. But, it seems so odd to focus so much dev time and resources on something that seems so irrelevant unless they are expecting a bunch of people to rush to the game.

I am familiar with all the theories floating around about the possibility of an expansion to justify this expected influx. I do not think that is the case tho. I really don’t think they will ever develop one because it forfeits their direction for a living world through the LS. It also moves players away from existing content, which again is something I think they do not want or intend in any such way. Also with all of their talk about moving towards releasing expansion like content through LS, also indicates that is something they have no desire to do.

I really would not be surprised at all, if in five years, we still have the same Tyria, the same dungeons, the same WvW maps, etc. . . However, I do expect that the way that Tyria functions will be different as they add their QoL updates. Oh yeah, but there will be plenty of gem store additions. Of that I’m positive.

So are they expecting a large influx of players, and why? After two whole years with little permanent changes, do they expect people to flock to this game? They did open up the game to China and beyond and that in itself brought new players, but that was months ago. I’m sure that some of those have moved on too. Are there other markets they hope release the game to?

Do they think the LS in itself is enough of a draw for new players. The LS, while an awesome concept, has yet to really satisfy players. Lots of temporary content in LS 1, but LS 2 seems to be headed in the right direction. After 4 updates tho, the content still seems minimal.

Maybe I expect too much.

Maybe they expect more players to come from GW1? After 5 years of GW1, tho I guess most of them already have. At least in that game we had more content added, more maps, more stuff to do rather than these fundamental game changes that are mostly done through gates, locked away, or just simply nerfed. Don’t get me wrong, they did those things too in GW1, but that was more towards the end of that 5 year span. Maybe that’s my other problem, I need to stop comparing this to GW1.

TL;DR: So are they expecting a huge influx of players to justify this NPE (after a 2 year launch), and if so – from where??