Guild Wars 2:Account Wide Crafting

I would love to see crafting become account wide. Which would mean the limit on simultaneous crafting skills active would be removed, the highest skill level on an account would become the account level in that craft and recipes would work similar to the account wallet when it was introduced (as soon as you log in on any character they are added to the account, possibly, but not necessarily, refunding any duplicate recipes).

The only thing the current system accomplishes is that people have to switch characters to craft. With the account-bound ascended/celestial crafting (which I must state again I find a very bad choice mostly because it forces people that don’t want tocraft to craft and denies people who like crafting to make a bit of gw2 gold ) even the possible incentive to trade for things the other skills make (the only possible reason I can come up with for limiting the number of simultaneous active crafts) is no longer relevant, everyone will need a number of crafts (probably 6 if you play at least 1 character of each armor class).

The possible downsides of this idea:
People use crafting to level: If you consider this a legitimate way to level (I don’t) it should easily be possible to make an item that costs roughly the same as leveling to 80 through crafting that instantly boosts a character to lvl 80. Alternatively make characters have to talk to a crafting trainer and choose to add that character to account crafting, those characters that haven’t yet chosen to access account crafting could then still be leveled through crafting.
The recently introduced 3 crafts on a character cash shop item: the item could be refunded.

The ability to craft account wide could even be sold for gems if absolutely necessary; I’d pay quite a few for it anyway. Although I believe fixes to bad design desicions (which I’d say the limit on active crafts is) shouldn’t be sold.

The current system only forces people to switch characters to craft.
Account wide crafting would stop people having to switch characters to craft.
If you think leveling through crafting is desireable, alternatives could be implemented.
This could be sold though I think it should be free.